A rich mathematical curriculum is key to pupil engagement and progress. 

We aim to develop an eagerness for exploring maths through:

· Promoting a positive and confident maths mindset;

· Opportunity for challenge;

· Links with real life;

· Investigating maths collaboratively in creative ways;

· Applying key skills, vocabulary and reasoning competently to validate the big ideas.

We follow the National Curriculum for Maths, supplemented with other material, and we look for opportunities to make links with a variety of subjects for cross-curricular breadth.

Our Written Calculation Progression Chart provides an overview of the strategies pupils will be taught across the school.

Please see below the Mental Maths Milestones:

Year 1 Mental Maths Milestones

Year 2 Mental Maths Milestones

Year 3 Mental Maths Milestones

Year 4 Mental Maths Milestones

Year 5 Mental Maths Milestones

Year 6 Mental Maths Milestones

SNAP Programme 

The SNAP programme (used in school as an intervention) is designed to support plugging the gaps in mathematical concept and rote learning, covering all topics of calculation.  The programme does not feature problem solving.  Children of all levels will be able to revise, consolidate and fill gaps in their mathematical calculation knowledge and concepts using these activities.  Activities will need some adult support but need very few resources (usually household).  There is an assessment tool which will help you to access the best level to start at.

Using these programmes is a great opportunity for your child to consolidate or catch up with these skills whilst they do not have the pressures of continually moving learning within the curriculum.

SNAP on 2 Maths 

SNAP Intervention Units