School communications

We work hard at John Rankin to make sure our parents are kept up to date and in the know.

Sharing information with our parents forms an important part of the parent and schools relationship which we value highly for building the children’s successes.

We spend a lot of time ensuring parents are communicated with effectively through both email as well as inviting you in to share in the children’s achievements during assemblies, presentation’s and plays. We do however appreciate you all have busy lives and sometimes cannot attend our events. To make sure you are able to catch up we put all of our presentations and newsletters here for you to look at any time.

Our school newsletter comes out every half term and gives parents both a reminder of upcoming events as well as a chance to join in the children’s successes. Year 6 newspaper club also publishes John Rankin News.  

John Rankin News

JRN March 2019 1-2

JRN March 2019 3-4

JRN November 2018 1-2

JRN November 2018 3-4

School newsletters

JRS Newsletter Issue 25 - Mar 19

JRS Newsletter Issue 24 - Jan 19

JRS Newsletter Issue 23 - Dec 18

JRS Newsletter Issue 22 - Oct 18

JRS Newsletter Issue 21 - Sept 18

JRS Newsletter Issue 19 - May 2018


If you have missed any of our recent presentations you can find them below.

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Rhos presentation

Supporting your child with early phonics and reading

Ufton Court presentation

What is reading? - Parents' guide

Y1 expectations

Y2 expectations

Year 1 - Meet the teacher 2018

Year 3 - Meet the teacher presentation 2018

Year 4 - Meet the teacher presentation 2017-18

Year 5 - Meet teacher presentation 2017-18

Year 6 - Meet the teacher presentation 2018

KS2 SATs parents' meeting