John Rankin Schools offers a number of lettings opportunities, including rooms; halls; outdoor spaces.

If you are interested in booking any of the John Rankin Schools facilities then please complete the form below.

Listed below are the main areas that can be booked for one-off events or long term hire, but we would always be happy to discuss any custom arrangements and look at using any part of the school if it meets your needs and requirements.


Area Capacity Estimated Cost
Hall - Infant School

400 standing

250 sitting

£25 for the first hour

£10 per hour thereafter

Hall - Junior School

400 standing

250 sitting

£25 for the first hour

£10 per hour thereafter

School Grounds

(club run solely for the benefit of JRS pupils)

n/a £5 per session
Make it, Bake it Room 30 Negotiated on a case by case basis
Conference / Training room 50 - 75 Negotiated on a case by case basis
School Grounds (fields/playgrounds) n/a Negotiated on a case by case basis


Prices are based on an average estimate and each booking will be costed individually.

All costs include the use of toilets and parking, plus a senior member of our team to meet you, be on hand in case of emergency and see you at the end.

Additional provisions could be arranged with discussion on a case-by-case basis.


The Process

When you have completed the form below an email will be sent to our office team.

We will check the calendar, ensuring there are no other bookings and if clear we will then check that we have a member of the team that can open up, lock up and be contactable throughout.

We will then write to you to confirm your booking and attach a 'Hirers Agreement' for you to read, complete and sign.

You would then return the signed copy of the agreement, with copies evidencing your Liability Insurance (if applicable).

Once the signed agreement and relevant insurance documents have been received, we will send a final confirmation booking email with start date and general information required.

If you have a any further questions then you can email lettings@jrs.w-berks.sch.uk.

We thank you for your interest and hope to welcome you to John Rankin Schools very soon.

Please complete the following form to enquire about a letting...