Our Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Our Vision:

  • Igniting Passion;


  • Empowering Learners; 


  • Transforming the Future


Our Values:

Courage     ~     Creativity     ~     Curiosity     ~     Compassion     ~     Composure


Mission Statement:

Our job is not to prepare learners for something; our job is to help learners prepare themselves for anything. Life always brings challenge – we will develop brave and resilient individuals prepared for an ever-changing world.

Our value ‘composure’ is taken from Ken Robinson’s definition – the ability to connect with the inner life of feeling and develop a sense of personal harmony and balance.  At John Rankin School this means individuals who are able to think clearly under pressure; therefore we will provide children with time and techniques to explore and understand themselves. 

We firmly believe passionate staff create children passionate about learning; in order to achieve this, wellbeing for both staff and children must be at the core of all policy and practice. We will always ask three questions of everything that we do:

  1. What is the purpose of this?

  2. What impact will it have on our children?

  3. What impact will it have on the workload/wellbeing of staff?

We are all different, unique and exceptional, this diversity will be celebrated and John Rankin School will help everyone to discover his or her purpose.

We want everyone to find their voice. We aim to ignite imaginations and curiosity to create learners who debate, ask questions, seek answers, and challenge the status quo, equipped to transform their future. 

We believe that modelling our core values and conducting ourselves with impeccable manners and character means we will always stand apart from the rest. 

We are all leaders and we believe that when we go out into our communities, it is our responsibility to lead with our core values as our compass - always seeking how we can be of service.

With our values and vision at the heart everything we do, we will always lead with integrity.

“Childhood is not a rehearsal.  Young people are living their lives now, and who they become and what they do in the future has everything to do with what they experience in the present.” (from Ken Robinson – Imagine If…)  

This is what matters.