Getting set up

Here at John Rankin we provide online payment, booking, ordering and information sharing solutions.

Please take a look at our Welcome Booklet for further information

School Gateway

Cashless payments and consent

We use School Gateway to make online payments and give consent with a debit or credit card any time 24-7, via smartphone app or website. To make things easy, we notify parents of new items for payment by email.

Activating your School Gateway account is quick and easy. All you need are your email address and mobile number that the school holds on record for you. Please note if you have a child at each school the details held must match for both children.

We recommend downloading the School Gateway App available on android and apple, in preparation for starting with us. You can also visit their website and click on ‘New User’.

You’ll receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log in to School Gateway.

Sims Parent App Lite

Keeping your child’s information up to date

This app is designed to show you the basic information we hold on you and your child. It provides a simple way to collect, manage and handle your information. When your child is involved in an activity, event, or trip we are able to ensure we take with us the latest information about your child.

Activating your Sims Parent account is quick and easy. The app uses Sims ID which asks you to sign in with an existing account, e.g. Gmail, Facebook etc. This means you do not create a separate password but you will need to remember which account you linked your app with to log in next time.

Download the app (Android and iPhone).

You’ll receive an email from SimsID to verify your account.

For additional set up help, please see our guide.

Parents' evening

Online booking system to meet with your child’s teacher.

To ensure our parents’ evenings run smoothly we use an online booking solution. This lets you book appointments via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Visit for Infant appointments and for Junior appointments.

You’ll receive an email to verify your booking.

ISS Catering

School Lunch ordering and Payments

Learners of all ages need refuelling during the day and our caterers make sure there is plenty of delicious, home-cooked food ready for eating at lunchtime. Serving freshly prepared, healthy food which tastes great and sourced using quality British and local produce ingredients wherever possible.

Every child in the Infant School is entitled to receive a free school lunch so there is no charge for their meal.

At the Junior School, the lunches cost £2.35 per meal.

More information is available in their brochure or you can visit their website and search for John Rankin Schools.


ISS successfully caters for children with allergies and intolerances. If your child has a diagnosed allergy, please complete the dietary requirement form. Alternatively, when you set up an account you are able to message them directly with any queries.

Famly App

Nursery communications and wraparound care invoicing system

Famly lets us keep in contact with nursery parents and vice versa as well as providing a simple overview of all invoices for nursery and wrap around care facilities.

Download the app (Android and iPhone). You can use Famly on a computer, tablets and smartphones.

You will receive a login invitation to a child profile for your child by email.

For more information about getting set up for school, please read our welcome pack.

Google Classroom and Home Learning

This is used to share work with the children, connecting our learners from school, from home or on the go.

For more information about getting set up, please read our Google Classroom setup guide and our IXL guide.