Home Learning at John Rankin

At John Rankin, children are at the heart of everything we do.

During these uncertain times, we want to be able to support you and your children by giving you the resources  you need to continue on your child's learning journey at home. Should the situation arise when we are not able to come into school, please take a look at some of the information below and work through the home learning packs with your children.

Infant School

In Early Years, children learn through play, both indoors and outdoors. Our learning environment is set up with various activities that provide opportunities for structured, purposeful play, with great educational value. Children play and develop their emotional, social and scientific skills all at the same time. These practical skills can be created at home with baking, gardening, fitness using stop watches, counting your purse and telling the time. Please ensure you read with your child everyday and practice some basic maths. 


Early Years Foundation - Home Learning Pack

Foundation Tapestry Link

Tapestry - HERE

Year 1

This year the children move on from their early years learning and begin Key Stage one national curriculum. The children focus on Phonics, maths, numeracy and literacy whilst also begging to work on topics. The children continue to enjoy both indoor and outdoor learning with covered learning areas for each of the classrooms.

Year 1 - Home Learning Guidance and Answers

Year 1 - Learning Pack 

Year 1 - Practical Ideas  

Year 1 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Spring Hunt Checklist


Year 2

This year the children continue working on their Phonics which they developed in year 1. They also develop their literacy, grammar, science and maths skills whilst taking on lots of reading. The children benefit from the use of both indoor and outdoor learning with their own covered areas for each classroom. They continue their work on topics they begin to explore the rainforest this year.

Year 2 - Home Learning Guidance and Answers

Year 2 - Home Learning Pack 

Year 2 - Practical Ideas

Year 2 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Year 2 - Colouring Halves and Quarters

Infant School Online Resources 

GoNoodle  - HERE

Cosmic Kids - HERE

Junior School

As always the most important thing to do with your child is read everyday. Fiction books and non fiction books are key to building our children's knowledge. We would also encourage the daily practice of multiplication tables - you can use Times Table Rockstars to support this and there are a number of free apps also available. We have also put together some specific learning packs for each year group. In addition to this, please use this time as a family to learn life skills and practical skills such as: baking, gardening, fitness with stop watches and sharing stories from history, followed by the relevant movie! 

Year 3

Year 3 - Home Learning Guidance and Answer 

Year 3 - Home Learning Pack

Year 3 - Practical Ideas

Year 3 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Year 4

Year 4 - Home Learning Guidance and Answer 

Year 4 - Home Learning Pack

Year 4 - Practical Ideas

Year 4 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Year 5

Year 5 - Home Learning Guidance and Answer 

Year 5 - Home Learning Pack 

Year 5 - Practical Ideas

Year 5 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Year 6

Year 6 - Home Learning Guidance and Answer 

Year 6 - Home Learning Pack

Year 6 - Practical Ideas

Year 6 - Home Learning 30.3.20

Junior Online Resources


Additional Resources

Whole School Additional Ideas and Resources

Science Sparks - HERE