Writing skills at JRS are developed through a text-based approach linked to our Literature Spine of authors.  Pupils develop an understanding of purpose and form and the ability to evaluate the notion of which style or format of writing is most appropriate to a genre. 

As a result of exploring a text in order to build an understanding of the writer’s craft, pupils progress to develop a deep understanding of the components of writing – planning, drafting, sharing, evaluating, revising, editing and then publishing. Allowing pupils, the time to study and explore the text, introduce new writing skills before applying the skills with increasing levels of independence ensures a deeper understanding of writing choices. 

Our aim is for all children, including those with additional needs, to leave JRS being able to use appropriate formats (including poetry, narrative and non-narrative writing) and styles to communicate effectively for a range of purposes and audiences.

We link our writing to carefully chosen texts to deepen pupils knowledge of the wider curriculum, while ensuring pupils are immersed in our rich and varied literary heritage.

Please click here to see our Literature spine and the authors we have chosen to enrich our writing at JRS.